In order to make sure that your car is in good running condition, you should keep up with all the needed inspections and maintenance in a regular manner. When you take care of your vehicle properly, you will be able to optimize the performance of your vehicle, reduce future repair costs, as well as extend its life and maintain its value. In this article, we have gathered some helpful tips on how to keep your vehicle running at its best: 

1. Keep Your Engine in Good Performance 

Oil is very important to your engines. Most car owners even change their engine oil every 3,000 miles or every 3 months. It is actually the most important thing they make sure that they are able to comply to keep the running state of their car. However, your engine oil sometimes needs extra attention. If you always drive in dusty places, tow a trailer, or often drive in a stop and go traffic, then you should make sure that you often change your engine oil. Short trips that cannot let your engine to warm up can possible contaminate your engine oil as well as it may require more oil changes compared to average. Therefore, in order for your vehicle to run smooth, it is imperative that you do certain inspection, services and maintenance to your engine in a regular manner. Here is a basic guide on how to make sure that your engine will be kept in its running state: 

1. Change the oil 

2. Change the air filter, fuel filter and oil filter. 

3. Regularly check the spark plug wires and spark plugs. 

4. Check if the PCV valve is operating properly. 

2. Caring For Your Transmission 

Your transmission is the one that make your vehicle move through bringing power to the wheels from the engine. If regular checkups and maintenance are done to your transmission fluid, your car will definitely shift smoothly.  

3. Always Check the Battery 

Your batteries store the energy that is needed in order to start the car engine of your car. In addition, once your engine is running, the alternator will begin recharging the battery preparing for the next start. Proper maintenance of your battery includes cleaning it regularly as well as keeping it secured so that it doesn’t vibrate while your vehicle is running. In addition to that, checking the water level (if applicable) as well as keeping its connections tight and clean at the terminals are also important. 

4. Keep Your Emission System in Good Condition 

The emission system of your car runs almost the whole length of your car. While it is in the process of moving away the exhaust from the passenger cabin and engine, it analyzes gases as well as refines them into less harmful gases and water vapor. It also directs them through dampers in order to reduce the noise. The emission system of your vehicle does all of this important tasks while hanging from the bottom area of your car. As you can imagine, your emission system can certainly take too much abuse down there. Therefore, in order to keep your vehicle running smoothly, efficiently, and quietly, you need to have the emission system of your vehicle checked regularly – at least once to twice a year. 

5. Caring for Your Brake System 

A lot of vehicles today have drum brakes in back as well as disc brakes in the front. All these brakes heavily rely on friction that is given by either a brake shoe or brake pad to slow down and stop your vehicle. In order to stop a wheel, your disc brake will use the brake pad fitted caliper in order to grab a rotor, or spinning disc. On the other hand, a drum brake includes a wheel cylinder, which is the one that pushes the brake shoe against the inner of a spinning drum. 

When your brake needs a repair, they can be able to give you specific warning signals. One example is that a spongy or low pedal can mean that there is air in your hydraulic system. In addition, a brake warning light that is color red and consistently stays on can mean that there is an imbalance in the hydraulic system. While some noises in your brake system are normal, continuous squeaks, chirps as well as grinding sounds usually mean that it is time for new brake shoes or pads. However, anytime you find something irregular about the brakes of your vehicle, it is always a good idea that you bring your car to your mechanic right away. 

6. Keep Your Car Clean 

Caring for your car also means keeping it clean and presentable at all times. Therefore, you should make sure that it is car washed regularly and have it professionally detailed by an experienced car detailing Kansas City