Maintaining a tidy and clean workplace is very important. Morale, productivity and efficiency are all directly impacted by your business’ hygiene levels. On the other hand, the effect of a clean and well-presented workplace carries wider repercussions. 

Your office can also act as a form of your company’s marketing strategy. A clean, contemporary and modern office can create a lasting good impression for staff and potential clients. A dingy, outdated and dirty workplace might be remembered the same as well, but it can be entirely damaging to your business. The importance of organization and cleanliness to your company cannot be underestimated. To elaborate this essential topic further, we have discussed some of the key areas, which are usually affected by the hygiene of your workplace. 

1. Reducing sickness and Molding Healthier Employees 

With the average employee losing around 9 days each year at work because of illness, isn’t it the right time that you took certain action against this? Office equipment and furniture can usually be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. As a matter of fact, the average computer keyboard can harbor around 7,500 bacteria at a single moment, and this can aid in spreading illnesses and germs around the workplace. Viruses like flu can even survive on hard surfaces like your desk for about 24 hours.  

If your workplace is free of messy desks, over spilling bins or any other related hazards, you can be able to reduce the risk injury, accident, or sickness among your employees as it can greatly affect their capability to work and hinder their productivity. Simply put, the less illness you have floating around your workplace and infecting your team, the more employees you will have in, which means more tasks can be done. 

2. Motivates Your Employees 

With each adult who spend most of their time at work, a tidy and clean environment can definitely help in keeping their spirits high as well as boosting morale among your employees. Certainly, no one wants to stay and work in a cluttered and dirty space. Even if you just take a few hours to make sure that your office is orderly, clean and organized, it could definitely make a big impact on the overall productivity of your employees since it is really difficult to focus when you work on a chaotic space.  

Having a disorganized, dirty and messy workplace can also cost you money and time from some reasons. A messy desk can eventually lead to consistent mistakes by your employees and it can also slow the production or workflow down when the important documents are misplaced. As a leader or boss, you can make sure that your employees are working efficiently and effectively simply by having a clean, organized and well-ordered working environment and you can only achieve this if you hire some professional commercial cleaning services Houston TX. 

3. Preserves Company Culture 

The perception of your business starts with the appearance of your working environment. Your workplace is considered an extension of your service or product and might be the first impression that new staff or clients have of your company. A fresh and clean working environment can immediately create a professional and inviting atmosphere. 

According to recent researches, a tidy and clean desk can extremely inspire and encourage workers to do more effectively and efficiently since they are suddenly lightened up is every part of the office is clean and organized. 

3. Reducing stress 

An unclean and unorganized working environment can cause heavy stress and can even raise tension among your employees. Most of the time, it ends up being the same individuals who clean up and empty the bins, which could cause a lot of problems within the workplace. Turning your workplace into an inviting environment to work and spend many hours in means your employees will arrive with a positive and productive mindset, therefore, they are more eager to work for you. 

4. Staff Morale 

A clean, light and bright office can significantly contribute to the morale of your staff. Dirty and unorganized working environment where dust is everywhere and most likely to be breathed in, can immediately make your employees unproductive and uninspired to work. When your office has dirty and smelly bathroom facilities and sticky keyboards that can possibly breed a lot of bacteria, there is a high risk that you can have much higher worker turnover compared to other offices that are kept clean. In addition, spillages that are left unattended as well as other forms of clutter in your office can pose a hazard since your employees might injure themselves.